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Lucy Crump

Lucy Crump

Lucy Crump - Portrait Icon.png

Lucy Crump is from South Wales. Profoundly Deaf since childhood, she is one of the UK’s earliest Cochlear Implant users. She really enjoys music and watching films. 


As a Deaf person she’s very visually aware, which influences her creatively, and is a bit of a magpie with her artistic influences. Currently she’s interested in post-punk, graffiti and cut-out collage art. Lucy enjoys seeing how the hand-made has influenced the media. 


Drawing every day, using a range of methods and materials, from traditional papers to the iPad, Lucy enjoys experimenting, to develop one-off character designs and storyboards. Her ideas grow from her love of the horror, fantasy, and sci-fi genres.


Lucy would like to be able to use the skills that she has developed in her future works. She has eclectic tastes and is constantly looking at and learning about new things, so a job that would allow her to continue to grow and develop would be her ideal.

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Deaf Awareness Week Poster 2 (Yellow) -
MediaShyZine (David Bowie) - 72dpi.jpg
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