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Shakiba Raki

Shakiba Raki


Shakiba Raki – who goes by ‘Tiny Sketch’ online - is a 22 year old professional freelance Illustrator based in Cardiff, Wales. From a mix of product design, character design and landscape illustrations - her work is inspired to convey a playful and vibrant imagery. Shakiba’s work mainly contains hues of pinks, purples and blues to showcase this otherworldly imagery. Shakiba primarily works digitally using Procreate. Her main inspirations come from photographers and art directors such as ‘Mugung’, ‘MU:E’ and ‘Petra Collins’ as well as visual inspiration from Anime and K-pop aesthetics. Passionate about striving to be self employed in the industry, Shakiba is working on opening her own online merchandise store - ‘Shining Pins’ -
with a focus on products such as enamel pins, stickers & more

Uni work comp brief.PNG
Uni work book cover.PNG
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