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A self-proclaimed Pop Culture Artist, Sam R Bentley, better known as SRB Digital Art, focuses on illustrative design work, led by what inspires him the most; his love for TV, film and franchises. With a mix of digital painting, digital illustration and photo manipulation, he creates his own unique take on poster art, portraits and character pieces. His style has developed over the last few years, having gone from working only with photo manipulation, to creating fulfilling and rewarding illustrative art, and he can't wait to see how further he will develop as an artist.​

For his Final Major Project, Sam worked on a personal piece entitled '#Inspirations: The Art of My Pop Culture' where he has taken some of the films that have influenced him over the years, either creatively or personally, and created brand new alternative movie posters for them inspired by what he loves about, and has taken from, these movies. He has used a variety of my personal styles over this project; from illustration, to digital painting, to photo manipulation. This project is the ultimate collection of his artwork. The culmination of this product is a physical portfolio, printed and bound together with written descriptions of what was going through his mind when making each piece, and what the movies means to him.

See his portfolio here.

Contact him at srbdigitalart@gmail.com.


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