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Robyn Eve Screen, or Clownie if you’re that way-inclined, is an Illustrator, character artist and portrait artist from South Wales. She recently dove head first into a new venture; puppeteering, which has allowed her to push herself into new and exciting worlds within the creative community. Clownie works traditionally and digitally; designing children's characters, painting portraits and crafting puppets! Clownie finds inspiration in the twisted realities of the modern world, and embraces any subject matter with a fresh, fun and unique style that one can only find within her creations.

For her Final Major Project she, inspired by the world building of Jim Henson of The Muppets and The Dark Crystal, created her own adult comedy puppet show entitled; 'To Hell and Back'. For this project she created all original character designs, back stories and even a pilot episode script, all to help create five working puppets. This was a brand new challenge for Robyn, who had never really worked with textiles before, but it was a rewarding and exciting new venture for her. It helped her gain experience in a different field while using and maintaining talents she has used for years. 

See her portfolio here.

Contact her at clownieillustration@gmail.com.


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