Nneoma Ukandu AKA Normanomicon is an artist whose work mainly focuses on the human condition, anguish, eyes or whatever I feel at the time of creating. My work is dark in nature and in colour, black and white has a special place in the macabre pieces I create. In my illustration journey, I have seen personal and technical growth in how I create, from strictly sticking to traditional techniques to now using technology to enhance my weird and wonderful pieces of dread. Coming from a background of traditional art, painting, ink and textiles, I have transformed my artwork into something worthy of websites, T-shirt Design and Album Cover Design. I still feature traditional techniques in conjunction with digital techniques while creating. Ink Marbling, cut outs, Pen and Ink all have a deep-rooted place in the artwork I create. My influences are doom metal, gothic fashion, human emotion, psychedelia, tattoo art and sadness. All these influences are seen in my artwork.

For my Final Major project I wanted to do what I have been building up to since the start of university, I wanted to create album artwork for a band, the project is only a project and in no way associated with the band Daughters. I wanted to challenge myself to stick to the bands visual style, as well as look like the music they create.

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Contact them at nneomanomicon@hotmail.com.


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