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Mia Lloyd

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Mia Lloyd is a digital illustrator from Caerphilly, South Wales. She has spent 3 years studying
illustration at The University of South Wales and is due to graduate in 2021.
Mia’s work is comprised of vibrant colour and has a fun and playful aesthetic. Animals, nature and
fantasy are three of her main sources of inspiration and her favourite subjects to illustrate. The
majority of her work is created using an iPad Pro, Apple Pencil along with the drawing app
With a keen interest in creating illustrations for children’s literature, Mia’s ambition is to write and
illustrate her own line of picture books and bring joy and comfort to those who view her work. She
frequently collaborates with the Merthyr Tydfil based company, ‘Bear With Us Productions’ to
create children’s literature illustrations for self-publishing authors.

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