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Lucie Cerna

Lucie Cerna


Lucie Cerna, also known as Luccerna, is an illustrator with a sports heart, based in the Czech Republic.  She has studied Book Graphics in Prague and completed her illustration training in the UK, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Illustration. She prefers to work in pencils, colour pencils, markers and other traditional techniques, as well as with screen-based media. She loves to paint her own designs on sneakers and she is the type of Illustrator who is not afraid to try new techniques. She is not afraid to look for what suits her best and she works diligently to improve and discover her artistic style. Lucie usually tries to create something that has a deeper meaning and will make people think. This can be seen in a project where she responds to the issue of endangered animals with hand-painted designs for sneakers. Her big dream is to see her name after the words ILLUSTRATION CREATED BY:.

Endangered animals custom shoes.png
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