Jo Wilde (wildeey) is a UK based illustrator and painter whose work tends to depict the world around her. Her work can be anything from black ink drawings in Berlin to abstract paintings. Jo enjoys anything hands on, tending to focus more on traditional art techniques rather than digital ones. Recently she has began to enjoy drawing comic style pieces, with inspiration stemming from "Where's Wally?" as well as traditional news paper comics. In the future she hopes to carry on drawing to depict her day to day life. She can't wait to see what life has for her to draw next!

Jo Wilde's comic 'Abroad.' shows everything her and her friends got up with whilst travelling in Japan and Seoul. In her style of black and white, pen and ink, she brings you on her trip abroad. Jo enjoys narrating her life through illustration and comics, immortalising it within the paper.

See her portfolio here.


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