Jack Gill or El Jacko is an enthusiastic illustrator whose has an interest in character design for storytelling. His inspiration in creating his characters comes from the films and tv shows he watched and the books and comics he read growing up. His skills and knowledge have improved from working traditionally using pencil to now working more digitally and continues developing new techniques for his artwork. He uses odd, fun, friendly humour for most of his work for a wide range audience in relation to himself. Jack finds that his art is an escapism from reality, but is always determined to take on whatever project comes next in the future with a keen attitude.

For my FMP I decided design and write a short comic book based on superheroes who suffer with mental health issues called ‘My Worst Enemy’. Each superhero in the team is gifted with amazing powers, but they have their own personal issue that they must overcome and cope with in order to become brilliant heroes. One little fan girl character who aims to be a hero herself one day is the highlight of the story. My inspiration came from the film/ TV media of superheroes today and how I am fascinated with they portray them as being human like everyone else. The design style of my comic came from the inspiration of Lou Romano who helped create concept art for The Incredibles. Creating a comic book was not my intention to begin with, but as it was my last university project and everyone on the illustration are storytellers, I wanted to push the limit out of my comfort zone in making a full comic book.

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