My name’s Isabella Berg but I lovingly call myself the Sour cow, I have a love for self deprecation and (mostly) appropriately placed rudeness, as the name may suggest. I work mainly as an emotional release or version of self therapy I suppose, mainly because this was my escape and way to explain how I was feeling or my stories as a child when I wasn’t sure how else to approach or be vulnerable. I’ve noticed my artwork may be a little like marmite, those who like it seem to really empathise and be enthusiastic for what I may do next and those who don’t probably find me crass and grotesque, it would be a lie to say I didn’t get some enjoyment from making people a little uncomfortable…


For the colossal project of my FMP I knew quite early what I wanted to use as a base. For a few years out of my own interest of subconscious conversation and interpretation I’d been writing down my dreams every morning that I had one knowing at some point they’d come in handy. My plans along with everyone else in the world right now were thrown into the air by the current situation and being someone who struggles to concentrate at the best of times I felt it was appropriate to change my work for the better. Using my narrative nature I turned my project into a comment on the Covid-19 pandemic and how it affected myself personally, my own experiences and what else came to mind. I love the change in my work (obviously not the reasons for it) but it gave me the therapeutic chance to voice my concerns and the anxieties plaguing my mind, exactly what I create for in the first place. I hope to publish or independently sell some day as comic writing and illustration as well as many other keen interests is something I would love to get into as a big league, but who knows in times like these, eh?

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