Harry Ellor-Jones (aka Haribo) is an aspiring anatomical illustrator​ and cartoonist from Cwmbran, but now lives in Cardiff. He has a diagnosis of ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) where it makes him see the world differently to most people. So he uses illustration to express how he feels and show people how he perceives the world. He has a strong attention to detail due to his ASD and has a unique style that makes his work instantly recognisable. He has a strong interest in Science and tries to incorporate this as much as he can throughout his illustrations, which grew his love for creating anatomical illustrations. He also loves creating/designing packaging for multiple companies such as Kiehl's as he loves the gratification he gets from positive client feedback and to see his work in a public space for people to see and appreciate his work.

So for my FMP I decided create a scientifically illustrated book exploring all about the human body. I chose to do this because I always wanted to make a book of some kind as I've never written and illustrated one before, I also wanted to incorporate anatomy in it as well and after a lot of research I decided to create a book all about the human body where I hope it can be used for educational purposes to help people learn more about the human body, organs and systems. My main inspiration for creating this book was looking at vintage anatomical scientific flip-books from the 1800s but wanted to create a book that as current and suitable for the 21st Century.


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