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Garin Morgan


Garin Morgan is a passionate character illustrator and designer with the goal of working in the Games industry. 

Growing up playing video games and redrawing characters from the game boxes made a massive impact on his artistic journey as I am sure it did to many others. Generating character illustrations and designs for video games such as League of Legends, Valorant, Magic the Gathering, and Over Watch, etc is Garin’s dream job.

This desire really began to shine through in College where he began watching illustrators on the internet who showcased their wide array of skills and fundamental knowledge in video format further influencing Garin’s artistic journey.

After College he went to University to study Animation and Illustration bettering his knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Allowing him to experience what it takes to develop and illustrate concepts to pitch to clients such as, Games Alchemist, Kiehl’s, and Cloth Cat Animation.

falme character 72 dpi.jpg
dixie 72dpi.jpg
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