Gage is an illustrator who has a passion for fashion and music these topics tend to appear within his work. He creates Portraits, cartoons and paper cuts these are his favourite styles to work in, specialising in digital creations he often focuses on finished poster type pieces with an interesting or political view sighted in each one. Already working for a local comedy podcast as well as other small business’ the future looks bright for this fashion and music loving artist.


For my FMP I decided to illustrate a children’s book that would raise awareness for domestic violence taking storys from personal experience this allowed me to have a insight on what its really like and ways of coping with an issue like this. Creating a book with domestic violence as the topic was very challenging especially as it was a childrens book this meant that I had to filter the content and be careful of what was being shown etc. I decided to add little hidden messages throughout along with helplines and a section for parents towards the end of the book.


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