Daniel Thomas (AKA Signalarts Illustration) is an illustrator, printmaker and modelmaker using a variety of mediums and ideas. He`s hard working and hopes to do his best on projects. He also has a fascination with trains since he was a small child and tries to incorporate them into his illustrations sometimes. He also makes them use of his model making skills in the hopes of building a model railway one day and diversifying his skill set in that medium. He is also fond of Welsh landscapes, mythology, and industrial history.

For his final major project, Daniel Thomas has started an ongoing graphic novel project aimed at children ages 8-10 called Eleri the Lonely Witch. The story follows Eleri, a 9-year-old witch who lives with her aunt in a cottage located in an industrial village in South Wales. The narrative involves a little Dragon named Dewi who comes into her life unexpectedly and goes on to show how he helps Eleri come out of her shell and become more confident. The visuals are created digitally using scanned-in linoprint ink textures.

See his portfolio here.


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