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Caitlin Brockway

Caitlin Brockway

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Caitlin Brockway, also known by her artist name Ren-Yu, is a freelance artist, character designer and merchandise designer based in Cardiff and Newport, Wales. Through her work, she expresses struggles with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and their effects and hardships. As someone who has experienced these problems, Caitlin aims to visualise her past traumas in hopes to connect and relate to others struggling with their mental health but also as a self-reflective journey. Her desire to become an illustrator stemmed from playing video games in her early childhood and her interest in Japanese culture, art, and fashion, which is something that can be identified in her unique art style. Caitlin is currently undergoing many passion projects in order to launch her professional career and has also been gifted the role of local Cardiff band Fiascos’ sole album artwork and merchandise designer.

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