Inspired by the beauty of nature, wildlife’s mysteries and the synthesis of mythology & fantasy. Antonia Zada aka Zada, is an illustrator with a passion for character design from South Wales. With her mind always in the clouds, Zada works with a fusion of digital and traditional mediums. Having recently found an interest in graphic novels and handmade items, she wants to expand her brand. She is still developing her style but aims to create an escape with her designs, transporting you to a different place with illustrations that inspire.

For my FMP, I wanted to explore my digital art skills and step out of my comfort zone by tackling a graphic novel. My current interests are character design and graphic novels, so I thought this was my opportunity to illustrate a book. The concept of my project is international folktales. The plan was to have a series of short tales in one book but that will be completed at a later date. A limited colour palette was given to the illustrations which was selected from the countries national colours, to give the story a personal attachment to their origin. The aim of this project was to explore various counties and understand how folktales vary from country to country, and find the similarities and differences we share.



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